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End User Computing Support Solutions Services

End User computing appeals to those who might prefer to outsource local IT help to a company with a large staff and senior IT management. These services are available from IT Global Services as Break-Fix Services, SLA Agreements,

Features of end-user computing (EUC) support services include:

  • General departmental workstation installation, configuration, and management
  • LAN and network hardware
  • Aid and support for end users with general computing difficulties
  • General departmental workstation installation, configuration, and management
  • LAN and network hardware
  • Aid and support for end users with general computing difficulties

Customer Support

  • Assist in the department’s acquisition of workstations and their configuration. Make that the chosen workstation configuration will operate in the target environment as planned.
  • Completely assemble and configure workstations that the department has ordered. The customer should be able to start working as they expected once this task is finished.
  • Give installation and continuing support for operating systems in the Windows and Mac OS environments.
  • Completely assemble and configure the department’s printer purchases.
  • Investigate and fix issues with departmental printers when printing. Support for workstation components, suitable printer queue services, and printers are all included in this.
  • Install “standard” workstation software and configure it as the department directs.
  • The duty for initial training and fundamental understanding of these programmes rests with each individual customer.
  • Look into and, if at all feasible, settle any issues or disputes with network or workstation services. This will cover issues with connectivity to the department’s internal and external services.
  • When asked, offer general workstation help.
  • Sometimes, as a last option and as part of our conflict resolution efforts, we may temporarily stop or uninstall software that seems to be harmful.

Research and development

  • Inform the department of the directions and effects of networking.
  • Act as a resource for department members regarding software and hardware features and options suitable for the department computing environment.
  • Take part in unique projects chosen by the department that are suited for this endeavour.
  • Take part in on-campus, regional, and national internet discussion groups in the fields that apply to this endeavour.
  • Participate in the necessary seminars, conferences, and exhibits.

Network Support

  • Install, set up, and maintain the proper network communications hardware and software on workstations to satisfy departmental requirements that may involve a variety of networking protocols and environments.
  • Configure and maintain the connectivity between each workstation and the department’s networking “switch” hardware.
  • Customers can register workstation IP addresses with the campus Domain Name Service, if the department so desires (DNS).

End User Computing Evaluation

Your end user computing environment is assessed and aligned with sector-specific best practises by the IGS consulting services team. In order to constantly deliver a top-notch end user experience, we offer a functional and technical approach to using Digital Enterprise Management capabilities.

  • Using end point management to locate IT resources
  • Alignment of service management techniques and the disposition of IT assets
  • Analyse the needs for user computation Model for WRT service management
  • Adjust end user support procedures, equipment, or resource allocation

IT Device Lifecycle Management

IGS IT Device Lifecycle Management Services make sure that your end-user computing capabilities, regardless of device, are maximised to get the most out of every employee. The following end user device lifecycle management services are offered by IT Global Services:

  • Assess and rank corporate goals to make sure procurement services are financially and logistically sound.
  • Give the logistical support required to implement big technology roll-outs or to widen the service area
  • Deliver a standardised strategy for procurement and deployment across numerous international locations while remaining compliant with local laws
  • By using our end user device management solutions, we can provide the tools, techniques, and procedures needed to lower the overall operating costs associated with sustaining current technology.
  • Enable NAID and sector-specific, legal disposal of IT assets, whether they are located physically or virtually.

End User Support Desk Service

Your end-user support service desk and IT Lifecycle Management activities will be optimized thanks to the creation, assessment, and suggestions of IT Global Services. We make sure, being an outsourced supplier we adhere to your internal SLAs and that you can acquire the appropriate skills at the appropriate time. Our consulting team makes sure your service desk is correctly configured so you can concentrate on the more significant challenges facing your IT department.

  • On-site, remote, or hybrid support models that are customized
  • Federated model to bring Smart Hands to any location on-site
  • Same-day delivery of essential components will be provided by smart logistics on a global scale.
  • Improvements in end-user solutions for K–12, distributed retail, finance, and other areas