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Network Deployment Systems & Solutions

Your consumers may enjoy all of your technology’s advantages right away by having it installed, implemented, and migrated swiftly and effectively. IT Global Services Global Lifecycle Management’s (GLM) end-to-end, scalable deployment solutions deliver service quality that thrills your clients, builds your reputation, and frees up your resources. These services range from basic “rack and stack” services to complex deployments and rollouts.

Offering scalable and adaptable Network deployment options, the IT Global Services Deploy solution enables the distribution of standardised installations to client sites.

We can tailor the services to meet the needs of our customers and participate as little or as much as is necessary.

We are an ISP and service provider’s reliable source for Network deployment services

Services that can be used independently or as a whole to provide your customers with the greatest possible experience, including procurement, rollout design and management, deployment, service turn up, and report/service management

With a single point of contact and escalation for the start of the service, we completely organise all scheduling, configuration, and installation.

1. Network Deployments Installation – In order for your clients to swiftly and easily use your new technology, effective installation is the crucial first step in bringing new technology into their IT infrastructures. The Network Deployment Installation Services skills of GLM include:

  • Support before installation
  • Localized services and multi-location projects
  • Solutions that are converged and hyperconverged
  • Project administration  

2.    Network Deployments Implementation – IT Global Services can handle the most complex solutions across multi-site engagements, handling everything from fundamental “rack and stack” services to sophisticated implementations of large-scale deployments and rollouts. This gives you the resources you require or enables you to free up the ones you already have to expand your business. Our programme management team guarantees a smooth process for implementation requirements like:

  •  Staging for logistics and inventory
  •  Services for integration
  •  Several sites deployed
  •  Setup for personal device deployment (PC, tablet, IoT)
  •  Assessments and deployments of wireless networks

3.   Network Deployments Migration – IT Global Services engineers can handle the most demanding migration needs, whether your customers require data movement from one data centre to another or right down to the desktop level. Our unique plans take into account the needs and finances of your clients, such as:

  •  Application-specific migrations
  •  Data consolidation
  •  Packaging and physical equipment transfer
  •  Cloud migration
  •  Future maintenance and equipment reinstallation

4.  Network Deployments Remote Services – With remote services from IT Global Services, you may lower costs, improve scalability, and improve service access as your clients demand more innovation and flexibility. When being present in person is not an option, we can provide adaptable remote service choices based on your clients’ demands across a range of technologies, from fundamental to cutting-edge solutions. Ones of IT Global remote services are:

  • 24x7x365 Centre for Global Technical Assistance
  •  Implementation and remote configuration
  • preconfigured deployed systems
  • extensive network of delivery partners
  • models for flexible service delivery
  • Quick turnaround times